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Al Hoceima Tickets

Al Hoceima; for a sun-drenched vacation
The port city of Al Hoceima, located in Northern Morocco, is a very modern city, which, thanks to its fantastic location on the Mediterranean Sea, beautiful beaches and Moroccan-Spanish culture, is an ideal destination for a sun-filled holiday. The city was founded in 1925 by the Spaniards, but did really flourish after the Moroccan independence in 1956. Thanks to a wonderful Mediterranean climate you are assured of warm - but not too hot - summers, spring and autumn and particularly mild winters, in which the temperature never drops below freezing. The city is therefore an excellent place to stay all year round, partly because there is more than enough to see and experience outside the tourist season.
Transport and airline tickets
Cherif Al Idrissi Airport, named after the famous cartographer, is located about 17 kilometers from the city. Due to recent modernization, this relatively small airport is equipped with all the facilities you would expect from a modern airport, including a number of cafés and restaurants, and a money exchange office. Royal Air Maroc, the national airline of Morocco, operates flights to and from Amsterdam and Brussels; with Freebird Europe we fly from Rotterdam Airport. It is also possible to book tickets with a stopover at Casablanca airport. A direct flight from Rotterdam (The Hague) takes approximately three hours. There is a small time difference; in the summer it is one hour earlier in Al Hoceima, and two in the winter.
It is possible to travel to the city by bus or taxi, or to rent a car. The latter is particularly a good option if you plan to explore the area around the city. The road network in and around the city is great.
Sights and activities
If you are looking for nature, a visit to Al Hoceima National Park, located just outside the city, is a special and unforgettable experience. In an area of 470 square kilometers you will find authentic Moroccan farms, but also high cliffs that offer a spectacular view of the adjacent Mediterranean Sea.
In the culinary field there is much to experience in the city. As a port city, fish is the specialty par excellence, and in particular at the fishing port you will also find dozens of stalls selling the catch of that day. The restaurants also have a lot of fish - including squid - on the menu; everything is fresh and is prepared according to a combination of Spanish and Moroccan traditions. Sardines in particular are a local specialty.
Also worth a visit is the center of the city. People do not only live from tourism, but also from fishing, and this provides an authentic experience in one of the many markets that the center has. The city is well-organized and in good condition, and there is plenty to see and do. During the day people often have siesta's, which means that life only really starts in the evening and at night, but then it is also a very lively whole full of bars, music and parties.
But if there is one thing Al Hoceima is known for, it is the beautiful beaches that lie in and near the city. Playa Quemado is the most popular beach in the city and equipped with a modern tourist complex with restaurants, bars and some four hundred beach beds. If you are traveling a little outside the city, Playa Calabonita to the south is an excellent option, which also offers a number of opportunities for beach sports; ideal for playing beach volleyball or football. A little further south lies the large Playa Cala Iris, with around 4500 bed capacity a large, stretch of sand.
If you are looking for a bit more peace and quiet, then Playa Espalmadero, located three kilometers outside the city, is an excellent option. There are virtually no facilities here and this beach is therefore still very unspoilt. Finally, Playa Souani, near the airport, is a fantastic beach for anyone looking for a true holiday feeling: a four-kilometer long stretch of sand that has guaranteed carefree sun pleasure since the 1960s.