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Konya; The whirling dervishes
Located on the vast Anatolian plateau of Turkey, Konya is a less well-known yet very interesting travel destination. With just over a million inhabitants and cultural influences left behind by countless peoples who came and went over the centuries, this very old city offers a very different kind of Turkey than the massively visited coast on the Mediterranean Sea. Known for among other things the whirling dervishes, richly decorated carpets and the architecture of the Seljuks, Konya clearly qualifies as a fascinating holiday destination.
Flight tickets Konya and Konya flights in the summer
Although Konya and Konya airport are a few hundred kilometers south of the Turkish capital Ankara, it is closer than you think from the Netherlands. With direct Rotterdam Konya flights and many flights to Konya from other Western European airports, you can land with our Konya flights within four hours at Konya airport. Once arrived, the city center can be reached in just half an hour from Konya airport with a special bus. Non-direct Konya flights are also plentiful.
The high season for flights to Konya and also the direct Rotterdam Konya flights concerns the summer, the best time to fly to Konya. Because of the low humidity, the summer heat during the day is very portable, while in the evening, due to its location at an altitude of 1200 meters, it cools down pleasantly quickly. The winters are cold, but both spring and fall are also good seasons to fly to Konya. Outside the high season, flight tickets to Konya via a flight to Turkey's largest city Istanbul or the capital Ankara are the most obvious. Flying from Istanbul to Konya is not very difficult, while there is even a high-speed train from Ankara a few times a day.
Konya flights for a fascinating holiday
Once you have arrived on one of our flights to Konya, you will find a very comfortable and fairly quiet city. Konya has still retained the character of a smaller town with a very rich historical past. In the inner city, small enough to end, you will find several buildings from the time of the Seljuk Turks, who ruled from Konya over an empire that was one of the precursors of modern Turkey. The most famous of these buildings are the thirteenth-century Alâeddin mosque, where eight of the Seljuk sultans are also buried, and the İnce Minareli Medrese and Karatay Medrese, two religious schools that now serve as a museum.
Perhaps even more well-known is Konya for the whirling dervishes, an Islamic prayer in the form of a revolving dance performed by the supporters of the Mevlevi order. This order, founded by the supporters of a Persian mystic, is highlighted in the Mevlâna Museum, which has also served as the mystic's mausoleum for more than seven hundred years. In addition, since the end of the Middle Ages, the city also enjoys a reputation for producing high-quality, very colorful carpets that are still produced in Konya today.
For those more interested in good food, Konya is also known for its delicious cuisine, of which the local Etli Ekmek, an elongated, crispy bread topped with tomato and minced meat, is certainly worth tasting. In addition, there are of course plenty of shopping options and entertainment areas in the city to keep the modern tourist sweet.
Cheap flights to Konya and direct Rotterdam Konya flights
Flying to Konya has never been easier than it is today. With Konya flights all year round and even direct Rotterdam Konya flights in the summer, you are at Konya airport before you know where the Seljuk architecture, the dancing dervishes and the delicious Etli Ekmek are not far away. In short, for holidaymakers who want to experience a completely different Turkey than the crowded Mediterranean beaches, flights to Konya offer an excellent opportunity for this.