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Kayseri; versatile holiday pleasure
In Central Anatolia, in the heart of Turkey, lies the town of Kayseri at the foot of the extinct volcano Erciyes. As one of the largest cities in Turkey, Kayseri is characterized by its versatility. The summers are warm and dry, and Kayseri also has pleasant temperatures in spring and autumn. However, these fall quickly in winter, when the cold and snowfall even make winter sports possible on the Erciyes.
Flights to Kayseri
Erkilet International Airport, five kilometers from Kayseri, has been a spacious and comfortable airport with adequate facilities since the renovation in 2007. Komfly provides direct flights to Kayseri from Rotterdam. Kayseri Airport has a bus connection with the city, but transport can also be easily arranged by taxi or by rental car - with regard to the latter, the airport offers sufficient supply, including a Europcar location. If you want to see the surroundings of the city, renting a car is advisable anyway. If you are planning a city trip through Turkey, it can also be an interesting option to travel by train. With an express train you are in Ankara in seven hours, from where trains depart to all major cities.
Kayseri has more than a million inhabitants and that makes the city one big melting pot of cultures and histories. History begins around three thousand BC and since then the Kayseri has always been inhabited and has always had an important trade function. In this history the city has known three 'golden ages'; one around 2000 BC, as a trading post between the Assyrians and Hittites, one as part of the Roman Empire, and one among the Seljuks in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
Much has been preserved from this rich and eventful history. In the center of the city lies the castle of Kayseri, an imposing structure that is not to be missed during a visit. Many more monuments can be found within the ruins of the citadel that surround the old city. A large part of it, including most old mosques, has been placed under Seljuk. If you want to know more about the history of Kayseri, the region and its inhabitants, the archaeological and ethnographic museum is more than worthwhile.
With the Kayseray, a recently completed tram line through the city, you can move around the city quickly. Moreover, there is a fairly extensive bus network. Although a rental car is useful for trips through the area, it is not advisable to drive through the center of the city; the traffic is busy, chaotic and it is difficult to move on.
If you want to shop, Kayseri will not disappoint you. It is a carpet city par excellence, and in the many bazaars there are dozens if not hundreds of carpet shops. Many people also bring pastırma, dried and seasoned meat that stays good for a long time and is considered a specialty of the region.
Because one of the things that Kayseri is best known for is the food. A specialty is, for example, manti, a ravioli-like dough dish with various filling, which is served with yogurt. Other dough dishes are also popular. In addition, the guvec is also known; a vegetable stew, often served with beef or chicken. Finally, the desserts, and in particular the baklava, are an unmissable specialty: very sweet but very tasty.
By the way, Kayseri is not known for its vibrant nightlife. There are few clubs and everything closes fairly early on weekdays. But for anyone who doesn't go on holiday to party, Kayseri is an excellent destination. Whether you want to shop, experience history, or simply get to know a different culture: Kayseri is versatile and offers almost everything.